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Disruptive Innovation through Frugal Thinking and Lean Manufacturing

Working with SmartARK, a startup, our client partner have been an more than an interesting journey.

SafeARK came to us with a hardware technology to make a simple product around the technology that will help user track the safety of the child or women. Technology was GSM, GPS based tracker that worked seamlessly. But, technology is not the solution a customer wants.

With that in mind, we set out to challenge the theory with few basic questions.

  • ‘Is it enough’, to build a sustainable business around the personal safety tracker?
  • What else?
  • Who else to?
  • How do you differentiate yourself from many others?
  • How do you beat the rest with cost and proposition?
  • How do you offer solutions to the user around the technology you have?
  • How? How? How?…

As they say, a problem well understood is half solved, we helped our client partner understand the problem and change the perspective from a product to multiple solutions.

With various solutions in mind, we looked at how to develop these solutions that will enable our client partner to Offer solution at best cost at the same time build sustainable business. 

Leveraging various modes of tracking technology that our client partner had, we developed following three solutions in the first phase.

  • Personal tracker – that offers different dimension to tracking the beloved ones to safety.

  • Personal fitness tracking – that offers fitness tracking with best in class algorithm at throwaway cost.

  • Customizable tracking – disrupting the service industry and enhance the experience of both service provider and user.

This has been a landmark for us with respect to Lean Manufacturing and a classic case of Disruptive Innovation through Frugal Thinking.

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